Author Topic: telemetrie anomalies found while client wasn't connected to server  (Read 2694 times)


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Dear SRT admins,

I found something "weird" in yesterday's report (for information: client used version 2.05):
- SRT was started at 15:58 o'clock.
- Client joined the server at 15:59 o'clock.
- Several telemetry anomalies are reported at 15:56 (duration 135 sec and 60 sec) - even before SRT was started.

Please find a screenshot attached (I copied the parts of both screenshots into a single picture).

2. Additionally the upper part of the picture shows the client joined the server at 15:58 (1st white line), but ISI session and telemetry was transmitted one minute after joining the server.
--> idea: Maybe the client joined the server at 15:58:59 and ISI session and telemetry transmission began st 15:59:00. That would explain the difference of "one minute".

Seems to be any kind of problem, I think.

Kind regards,


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Re: telemetrie anomalies found while client wasn't connected to server
« Reply #1 on: February 13, 2016, 02:16:15 pm »
First of all let's take a look to anomalies, as you can see have been notified a number of anomalies that show some values that remain "unusually" unchanged for a long period. Considering that the anomalies are recorded only when the car is in gear and out of the pits and the pitlane we can say that a tire that is not consumed throughout this period is at least suspect.
Looking at known that do not take into account the decimals, which will resolve it as soon as possible.

The RF / Rf2 session is detected by telemetry, the time to which it refers (15:59) is then brought in the server telemetry, in the case of remote session, and local, in the case of offline session.

The anomalies start from 15:56 but this schedule is synchronized with that of SRT server, it is conceivable therefore a difference of a few minutes between the time of SRT server and time of the user's PC or the community server.

In the future I will study the phasing so all schedules and therefore there will be no such errors.

Mauro Musella