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Supporto tecnico / Re: Installazione Non riuscita Simracingtool
« Last post by Mareos on August 05, 2018, 10:22:20 pm »
schermata 3
Supporto tecnico / Re: Installazione Non riuscita Simracingtool
« Last post by Mareos on August 05, 2018, 10:22:01 pm »
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Supporto tecnico / Installazione Non riuscita Simracingtool
« Last post by Mareos on August 05, 2018, 10:21:31 pm »

ho fatto la registrazione sul sito per installare simracingtool, devo fare una gara tra pochi giorni, scaricato il programma zippato, seguo l'installazione con i path che mi vengono indicati dall'applicazione, alla fine della installazione mi da errore;
 allego le 3 schermate;

Ho installato anche Visual C++2008 come richiesto, ma non cambia nulla;

Win 7pro,

Potete aiutarmi grazie Mareos
Technical support / Re: Change user In SImracetools
« Last post by marceloa on July 29, 2018, 11:36:42 pm »
I have the same problem, can you help me? my SRT is logged in with user alkzavaleta0
if you have bought hw from someone i need to know from who and some tech info as cpu and motherboard (brand and model type)

Hi, the only way to deleted association between cpu and user is writing this post? or in page you can do something? best regards
Technical support / Telemitry not acquired
« Last post by DI3GO on July 11, 2018, 12:02:38 am »
Hello! we have a pilot that gets "Telemitry not acquired", we do not know why ... the plugin files have them well, they get their data, but it does not come out if it is on track and others.

First ask why this happens and how to solve it? but also to know if although this pilot does not have telemetry, it affects that the antichaet does its function? that is, even if it does not have telemetry, also the function of detecting cheats works?
Technical support / Re: Change user In SImracetools
« Last post by on July 09, 2018, 05:03:09 pm »

I have the same problem. My brother used it for play with his username and now I can't use my username.

Can you fix it for me?

My hardware info:

Motherboard = Intel DP55WD
Memory = DDR3 8GB
CPU = Intel Core i5-650
Video = R9 270X
S.O.= MS Windows 7 Pro

suporte técnico / Trocar usuário SimRacingTools de computador
« Last post by on July 08, 2018, 12:12:39 am »
Boa noite!

Outro dia meu amigo utilizou meu computador para jogar o Automobilista, criou seu usuário no SimRacingTools, instalou o cliente e utilizou normalmente.

Agora criei a minha conta e quando abro o cliente vejo que ele faz logon automaticamente com o usuário do meu amigo. Como faço para logar com o meu?

Meu usuário: AllanRobert
Usuário do meu amigo: Gilian Prigol
Technical support / Doubt about license
« Last post by DavidCaba on June 28, 2018, 01:40:15 pm »
Good morning, im the administrator of a community (Simracexperience) and we would like to start to using this program.

We would like to contract this license NPL 800.  In the conditions, it says that which is for nonprofit community and we have sponsors and an annual fee.

All of this money it's destined to pay the online server to compete, those that we organize, we do not gain anything.

Could we use the NPL 800 license?
Technical support / Problem with SRT after the small rFactor2 Updates
« Last post by KostasGalanomatis on June 26, 2018, 01:21:06 am »
Before the small fixes of rFactor 2 everything was going well. No crash or anything. After the small updates my game crashes randomly. After trying many things, i used the Debug Diagnostics tool to see what was the problem. Turns out that it's SRT all the time.Here is a image for what Debug Diagnostics Tool says.

Also here is a link with some CrashDumps

I tried all the things below some game related some SRT related some PC related.
-Reinstalling SRT
-Change used port and replace the dll's and ini.
-Reinstalling the game
-Reinstall all CommonRedist
-Repairing Windows
-Change nVidia drivers (tried with old and with new)
-Reinstall MOBO/Hardware drivers from scratch
-Drop down some Inside rFactor 2 settings (Inside visual settings)
-Run the game borderless,fullscreen,windowed
-Changing g27 usb port
-Reinstalling g27 drivers
-Run the game with not a single thing at the USB ports.
-Change the memory ddr3 slots to the other 2 available at my MOBO
-Change to aggressive threading
-Change other video settings (Sync,AA,Resolution,FXAA)
-Force 32-bit
-Run with Ctrl+F active
-Close the Record replay function
-New Userdata/Settings (Vanilla)
-Clear registry with CCleaner
-Give high priority to game by Task Manager
-Run with commands to launcher (+multiplayer +connect)
-Clear Steam cache and settings
-Run the game with no 3rd Party plugins except SRT
-Close anti-virus and the processes. Close firewall.
-Run MemDiagnosis and HDD via WD Diagnostic tools
suporte técnico / Servidor com falta de conexão
« Last post by JefersonRichart on June 04, 2018, 07:42:24 pm »

Nossa liga executa as corridas de terça-feira a noite, as 22 horas no Brasil (GMT -3), e nas ultimas corridas, todos pilotos tem o SRT desconectado durante a corrida. Quando saímos do rFactor 2, está com problema de conexão com o servidor.
Existe alguma manutenção no servidor que possa estar causando esse problema?




Our league runs the races from Tuesday night at 10 pm in Brazil (GMT -3), and in the last races, all riders have the SRT disconnected during the race. When we leave rFactor 2, we have a connection problem with the server.
Is there any maintenance on server that might be causing this problem?

Thank you
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