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Technical support / Problem with SRT after the small rFactor2 Updates
« on: June 26, 2018, 01:21:06 am »
Before the small fixes of rFactor 2 everything was going well. No crash or anything. After the small updates my game crashes randomly. After trying many things, i used the Debug Diagnostics tool to see what was the problem. Turns out that it's SRT all the time.Here is a image for what Debug Diagnostics Tool says.

Also here is a link with some CrashDumps

I tried all the things below some game related some SRT related some PC related.
-Reinstalling SRT
-Change used port and replace the dll's and ini.
-Reinstalling the game
-Reinstall all CommonRedist
-Repairing Windows
-Change nVidia drivers (tried with old and with new)
-Reinstall MOBO/Hardware drivers from scratch
-Drop down some Inside rFactor 2 settings (Inside visual settings)
-Run the game borderless,fullscreen,windowed
-Changing g27 usb port
-Reinstalling g27 drivers
-Run the game with not a single thing at the USB ports.
-Change the memory ddr3 slots to the other 2 available at my MOBO
-Change to aggressive threading
-Change other video settings (Sync,AA,Resolution,FXAA)
-Force 32-bit
-Run with Ctrl+F active
-Close the Record replay function
-New Userdata/Settings (Vanilla)
-Clear registry with CCleaner
-Give high priority to game by Task Manager
-Run with commands to launcher (+multiplayer +connect)
-Clear Steam cache and settings
-Run the game with no 3rd Party plugins except SRT
-Close anti-virus and the processes. Close firewall.
-Run MemDiagnosis and HDD via WD Diagnostic tools

Thanks for your answer. We have register our Assetto Corsa Server twice (one for x64 and one for x86 .exe) and the clients that have this problem, are using the x64 bits according to the report.Maybe this is the problem? We should register the server only once and not twice? The users are registered at our league as drivers.

Technical support / Assetto Corsa Stuttering when using SimRacingTools
« on: January 18, 2018, 02:01:59 am »
Hello guys,
Some of our league members are complaining for stuttering when using the SimRacingTools with the Assetto Corsa Simulation and VR (Vive,Oculus etc.). Is it a common problem stuttering with VR (or general stuttering at Assetto Corsa) or not?
Thanks in advance

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