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Dear admins,

when users ask to link to our league the requests are pending, of course.
But when the day ends, the users' requests are accepted automatically, although I did not accept or deny them.
Also the mailbox shows their requests as unread message which is correct in these cases.

Additonally previous complete free slots with 3 switches available which are not assigned to the automatical accepted links are now shown as "switches available: 1".

Basically I was going to accept the users' requests after they subscribe to our league in our forum in June
in order to keep slots free for users who won't subscribe.

May I kindly ask to have a look at that issue.

Thank you very much in advance
Best regards,

Client / telemetrie anomalies found while client wasn't connected to server
« on: February 13, 2016, 11:14:47 am »
Dear SRT admins,

I found something "weird" in yesterday's report (for information: client used version 2.05):
- SRT was started at 15:58 o'clock.
- Client joined the server at 15:59 o'clock.
- Several telemetry anomalies are reported at 15:56 (duration 135 sec and 60 sec) - even before SRT was started.

Please find a screenshot attached (I copied the parts of both screenshots into a single picture).

2. Additionally the upper part of the picture shows the client joined the server at 15:58 (1st white line), but ISI session and telemetry was transmitted one minute after joining the server.
--> idea: Maybe the client joined the server at 15:58:59 and ISI session and telemetry transmission began st 15:59:00. That would explain the difference of "one minute".

Seems to be any kind of problem, I think.

Kind regards,

Dear SimRacingTools admins and admins of subscribed leagues!

In these days I am having a first look at SimRacingTools itself and the amount and kind of information I can get as an admin of a league.
I used myself for first tests with the client program, registered our league (maybe better: community) and started to use the admin panel and reviewed the reports.

At the moment I've got a very positive impression.
But a few questions have not been answered, yet.
  • Comparable to purchasing an anti-virus program I have to rely on your reports in order to identify especially cheaters. So there is following question in my mind: Did you, SimRacingTools admins or admins of subscribed leagues, test, if cheat tools (like "grip  cheat" or "fuel hack") can be identified thrustworthy? I am ask that because some of those mean tolls adverd themselves with "cannot be identified by rf-scan" and sth. like that.
  • Of course, I also tried the button "telemetry anomalies". As I expected, there none of these in my own log. But is my expectation correct, that telemetry anomalies are always caused by cheats? Further question regarding that: May I kindly ask you to provide a screenshot of telemetry abnomalies.

If I can convince my admin colleagues to implement SRT in the championship, I'd like to be sure
(a) not to blame anybody for cheating who did not and
(b) to identify all "common" cheats and even rare / exceptional cheat tools.

Thank you in advance for your support
Kind regards,

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