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Title: How to find unused port on your computer
Post by: sequel on April 07, 2016, 06:28:02 pm
The release 3.00 will introduce the new communication system between client and game. The new system is based on tcp socket then a unused tcp port is needed for the correct work of client. The default port is 8000, it's not needed to change this port unless this port is already used. In this case you can set a new port ensuring first the new port is really unused, to do this you can use this procedure:

1) open a windows shell (cmd) typing cmd into
2) when open the shell digit: netstat -anop TCP

this command should be produce the entire connection list using TCP ports, you have several columns, the first you have even TCP and the second the local address in this format "ip:port" eg, in this case the port is 6578.

you have to choose a port that not compare in this list. If you use a port already used the client will not work properly.